Inevitable re-entry

gcls_2013 (1)

Golden Crown Literary Society 9th Annual Convention, Dallas, Texas 2013


It really has taken a week to recover my empty tank and I still needed a nap.

230+ women celebrating books AND chocolate chip cookies!! What’s not to love?


It’s been almost a year since I join the amazing team at Bedazzled Ink. What a great group. This year we had a record number of incredible authors present, including: Andi Marquette, Barb Clanton, B.L.Miller, R.g.Emanuelle, Baxter Clare Trautman <squeee>, Salem West, Newbie Sandra Moran, and the inexplicable and Goldie award winning Ann McMan!

Team Bink! The Literary Tip of the Spear–TOTS.WP_20130629_002


Bedecked in some very handsome tee-shirts (Courtesy of Claudia and Casey– Publishers Extraordinaire and Tree House Studios) we covered the Con with jocularity and jubilance. Our books at the Allied table sold quickly. And in Sandra’s case, her pre pub “Letters Never Sent” Sold out! Very proud of the new kid.

IMG_1166 - CopyThere were so many old friends that I could finally hug and talk face to face. New friends from emails and Facebook were everywhere. They were new, but oh so familiar. For some of us who enjoy a solitary life without distraction or petty irritants, it is a wonderful opportunity to bathe in the nurturance of loving caring friends for four magical days. I heard, more than once, there’s nothing better than time spent with smart, funny, caring women. Amen.


The schedule was brutal when I wanted to attend everything. Ther readings, coffee talks, and master classes offered an opportunity to learn, improve my craft, and hear about current hot topics and new writers. It was incredible. This was only my fourth Con, but boy have things changed–even in one year!

This year, the Board and volunteers stepped up their level of organization and everything flowed so much better.

Sandy and NeldaSpecial nods to Sandy Thornton, Nelda Ireland and their team. The auctions–both author and silent–generated an amazing amount of money for scholarships for next year.

As writers, we are so incredibly blessed with the most loyal and generous readers. I wish everyone of them could afford to attend just one of these great family reunions. My own reading is so much greater for having the chance to meet and talk to some amazing authors. Mainstream readers probably never have that opportunity. We are very lucky.

balefire_lgI am home anxious to get Balefire off to the editor for publication, as well as getting back to work on Book Three of the Damaged series Dispatched With Cause.

A special thanks to all who made this event possible, every single hugger I ran into, and especially my new “Family” of choice, Salem West, Ann McMan, Baxter Clare Trautman, Sandra Moran, Bev Prescott, Andi Marquette and of course, Casey and Claudia!

Portland, here I come!

oh, and p.s.  the Bink Elves were up to more mischief yesterday, thanks to our talented graphic designer… Ann McMan at Tree House Studio

Tip of Ye Spear

12 thoughts on “Inevitable re-entry

  1. Totally agree with you about recovery time. The Dallas crew was excellent. And who will forget Georgia’s video? Let’s do this all again in Portland.

  2. Tip of the spear!! Glad you’re getting back on your feet, excluding nap time of course. I agree 200 % about the con organization. I was a little leery being a Con Virgin, as all I seem to have ever read ipso facto was how awful the accomodations were. Well, not this year. When my wife and I mentioned to the waiter that it was our 20th anniversary he brought us a free slice of cheesecake, to top off the free chocolate chip cookies. (Sorry about your bacon, Ann.) Plus, the bartender let us hang out to watch Serena Williams and didn’t charge us for our four sodas. Super sweet and responsive. The women that pulled this all together deserve great big THANKS! But of course the topper was meeting all the Bedazzled women mentioned above. (Squeeee!)

    1. I agree with you. I am sure there will always be *fault* to find if one looks for it. For me, the chance to get away and let someone cook, serve, clean up, and wait on me–reigns supreme. Add the bonus of being educated, informed, entertained and hugged? Bingo! And of course, hanging out with some amazing women.

  3. Ooh, makes me sad to have missed the gathering! It sounds like such fun was had. Perhaps next year and looking forward to the new books!

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