Unsolicited Book Notes for: Letters Never Sent

Disclaimer: Okay, It’s true that Sandra Moran and I write for the same publisher. (Bedazzled Ink) That’s the limit of our similarities. She’s tall; I’m short. She’s young, I’m…not. You get the picture. Anyway, I have met her, and she’s incredibly nice…and smart! If you recognize  the name from FB, you’ll smile remembering Spencer, long runs, … More Unsolicited Book Notes for: Letters Never Sent

Inevitable re-entry

Golden Crown Literary Society 9th Annual Convention, Dallas, Texas 2013 YES. It really has taken a week to recover my empty tank and I still needed a nap. 230+ women celebrating books AND chocolate chip cookies!! What’s not to love? It’s been almost a year since I join the amazing team at Bedazzled Ink. What … More Inevitable re-entry