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Writers are often introverted and insecure…help me out here.

I was born and raised in a suburb north of Chicago.  After completing my education, becoming a registered nurse, and for the next 21 years, I worked and lived in southeastern Wisconsin.  My career initially included 8 years in the emergency room. The next 13 years I managed an Allergy Clinic that I created and managed along with a secondary business in environmental medicine.

At that time, I co-authored a piece for the Journal of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. While I was mentoring our Allergy support group, I designed, produced, and sold an allergy cookbook for our patients. During that period, I co-created a national organization for allied personnel in Environmental medicine and a local group for physicians and staff.

In August of 1998, I sold my home and relocated to New Mexico where I worked for the University of New Mexico in HIV research until funding ceased. In the 2000, I was hired to work in Home Health Care. I retired early in 2008.

I consider myself an avid and eclectic reader who only discovered lesbian fiction in the past decade. Story telling has always been a family trait born in childhood and manifested during high school and college years as a passion for theatre.

My hobbies are primarily artistic: photography, cholla cactus crafting, and assemblage and now writing. I started to write a medical mystery Several years earlier in 2005, then discovered the online writing project, NaNoWriMo in 2006, and couldn’t stop writing. In 2008, I broke from my mystery and started the Damaged series (romantic intrigue). Since then I have completed five manuscripts in the series, five stand-alone novels, and two novellas. I am currently working on a mystery and a novella based on two wonderful seniors 😉

I am enjoying retirement on the beauty of the high desert of New Mexico with my wonderful canine companions. Writing has given me a wonderful new community of like-minded companions.

35 thoughts on “About Barrett

  1. Hello Barrett — Will Deliver Us from Evil ever be available in Kindle format? I have read and thoroughly enjoyed the first three in your Damaged series. I would love to read the fourth!

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  3. I just finished reading Damaged in Service and really enjoyed it! However, now I find myself very frustrated because I can’t find a copy of Defying Gravity anywhere!!! Any suggestions? I’d love to read it!

    1. Hi T-Dylan,
      “Coming Soon”
      I switched publishers and therefore I needed to revise, re-edit and re-cover both Damaged in Service as well as Defying Gravity before I could get to books 3 & 4. There is a $.99 Christmas special available entitled “Windy City Mistletoe”. I’ll announce here when book 2 is ready.
      Thanks for your comment.

        1. I’m outside of ABQ,and my local RWA chapter is sponsoring a booth. I’ve never done one, but others have and it sounds terrific, lots of traffic.I don’t know if I’ll sell books or promote the chapter, but I’ll have info available.

  4. Barrett – Just a quick Thanks for the nice note on Damaged and my wish charm. I first read Gravity via Amazon and liked it so much, just had to get the 1st one in the series. I have over 1500 books on my Kindle so you could probably say I am a voracious reader. Here’s the kicker…Yours is the only hard copy I have ever ordered. Yikes! If you ever allow Amazon to sell damaged as an E-book be sure that I will buy it and have it in my library, to read again. Thank you again – Craig

    1. Hi Craig, I appreciate your kind words! I have recently switched publishers and will be re-releasing both books in a few months as I finish up book 3. I will make announcements here on my blog as well as on Goodreads and Amazon…and FB and Twitter…
      Hope you continue to follow Zeke and her adventures!
      yours, Barrett

  5. Hi! I’ve just read Damaged in Service & Defying Gravity this week. I really enjoyed them both. When is the next book in the series coming out? I’m really wanting to see how this all ties in and how Zeke and Anne progress in their relationship. Great stories and wonderful characters!

    1. Thanks for your note, I’m thrilled you enjoyed the books. If you were so inclined, would you be willing to add a note to Amazon?
      I’m working on the revision of book 3 and hope to have it out near the end of the year. Then I’ll revise book 4. Still not sure that will be the end. I also started a kind of prequel about “young Zeke”. Glad you stopped by.

  6. Hi there Barrett,
    I was just looking through your slide show and noticed that you were hanging around quite a few lesbians. Didn’t know that you were a sister! Remember me? The author of Rose’s Will? I posted at the bottom of your page a few months ago. If I’d know what good company you keep I would have made sure to tell you that Rose’s Will is based on my life story! LOL! It’s not a lesbian book, but it does have a unique lesbian main character (if I do say so myself!) Just put your book on my to-read list and sent a friend request on Goodreads.

    1. Thanks Denise, Yes I do remember your note. Sadly “birthing” this latest book has kept away from my TBR pile. I will soon begin wending my way through some wonderful treasures waiting patiently for me. Your’s is on my Kindle.
      Appreciate your note, Yes, I do have some wonderful friends.

    1. Hey Annette again, Just finished “Damaged—” and will begin Defying Gravity” today. I enjoyed New Mexico touring ( I live in Las Vegas NM )and being an RN, I too am a retired Rn. Keep up the good work Really enjoying Zeke and Anne.

      1. Hi Annette, thanks do much! Belated birthday wishes and Happy St Paddy’s. I’ll be getting the book mark and cards in the mail…maybe even today!
        Please feel free to make a note on Amazon…if you’re so inclined 😉

  7. I just finished Damaged in Service…Loved it!!! I cannot wait until Part 2 is published…I have PTSD from service time back in the 70’s…it is funny way back then they said it is all in your head get back to work..now,thank God the VA and the rest of the world is taking PTSD serious…Best wishes on your new writing career…so far it is rockin!

    1. Thanks Mary, It’s so gratifying to hear from readers,even more so those who *understand* why Zeke behaves as she does. The most valued notes I’ve received are from those who battle PTSD. As a nurse I’ve seen this silent enemy devastate lives.
      “Defying Gravity” –book 2 of the series will be out in March.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your service to us. B

  8. Just stumbled on to your site. I love the sincerity of your reviews and I noticed that you become emotionally involved with the characters. I think you would enjoy my recently released novel, Rose’s Will. You can read the first three chapters on Amazon for free. I’d love for you to take a look and let me know what you think.

  9. How did I get to this site? If you are trying to be the shadow, it is working. I love your talents. I think I know you too. Are you the Jeanne that I know? Ha!

  10. I just now found this site! I was snooping on your page and found it and now I am so confused… what the heck is your name?!
    And thank you so much for linking my website with this one.
    You are a woman of mystery for sure.

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