Covid:Killer of Imagination

February 2023 has begun. We are approaching the third week of the month and I’m happy to report that the days are longer and much sunnier while I have been willfully negligent about completing my latest novel — “Obelisk” I have been inspired to acknowledge the small, creative voice begging to be set free.

I have designated one room in my house to be my studio, which means that it is loaded with an obscene amount of materials waiting to be crafted into something special. My major effort for past several years has been working with Cholla , which is an abundant cactus in the high desert of New Mexico. Many of these cacti live for up to 35 years and are tremendously strong. When they die, their branches provide beautiful, intricate and sturdy pieces of wood and for the past three years I have made nearly 100 different carvings of this unusual wood. Each piece is unique and there are no two that are alike.

In addition to woodworking, I’ve also been attracted to the nuances of the high desert, especially the sky. Photography has always been important but lately I’ve learned more about how to adjust the camera and improve my pictures many of those I will be posting in the near future, along with pictures of my Cholla projects.

The latest fascination has been working with what they call. “Zentangle“ it’s simple line drawings with repetitive patterns that are extremely attractive.

All of this is to explain why I have not completed the final changes to my book “Obelisk: a mystery”. When I finish (which I hope will be soon), I have a couple of short stories to complete along with a new idea for a cozy mystery.

My plan for today is to upload some of my favorite photos and hopefully some examples of my woodworking.

My apologies for my absence and tardiness, the good news… I did not contract Covid!

4 thoughts on “Covid:Killer of Imagination

  1. I love how creative you are! Your zest for life shows in your appreciation of simple things like sky and cactus. ❤️

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