“Something’s coming, something good!”

By the time I post this I imagine you will already know the wonderful news.

Diva is now available as an Audio Book!!!

For quite some time, the magical and wonderful “Behind the scenes” folks have been working on a plan to record Diva as an audio book. Of all my books, Diva was the one I truly believed deserved to be recorded.

Well, it has come to pass! Shawn Marie Bryan is the creative audio director and Heidi Bindhammer is the superb narrator and the singing voice of Nicole Bernard!

I was stunned when I got to hear one of my characters actually sing. What a thrill. And I’m happy to share the news that Diva will be re-released as an audio book by the end of June and will be available on 44 different platforms!

Just listen to a sample and I’m sure your interest will be piqued.

Brief excerpt.

**Stay tuned for giveaway offers.

Thanks for your continued support!

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