Inevitable re-entry

Golden Crown Literary Society 9th Annual Convention, Dallas, Texas 2013 YES. It really has taken a week to recover my empty tank and I still needed a nap. 230+ women celebrating books AND chocolate chip cookies!! What’s not to love? It’s been almost a year since I join the amazing team at Bedazzled Ink. What … More Inevitable re-entry

Writers and Grass

You like that eye-grabbing title? Now, if I could only keep the content as compelling. You see, that’s the job of a writer! That’s not really where I wanted to go with this. See, I spent time this weekend thinking about the nature and nurture of this new mantle I have donned  as a “writer” … More Writers and Grass

Some good memories and a whole lot of gratitude

The past year has been quite a little roller-coaster ride… in my humble opinion. I’d like to briefly hit some of the high points to pave the way for the gratitude piece of our show. After the requisite rejections, I sold my manuscript “Damaged in Service” to  Affinity eBooks, NZ, Ltd. In April, began the edits … More Some good memories and a whole lot of gratitude