Some good memories and a whole lot of gratitude

The past year has been quite a little roller-coaster ride… in my humble opinion. I’d like to briefly hit some of the high points to pave the way for the gratitude piece of our show.

After the requisite rejections, I sold my manuscript “Damaged in Service” to  Affinity eBooks, NZ, Ltd. In April, began the edits in May and released the E book in July.

A month later, the print version was available and nine days after that I was offered a contract for the remaining three books in the series along with a spectacular review. I also attended my first book signing which was scary and fun.

September locked me into the serious business of revising the second book in the series to be in line with the changes I made to the first book. I received some wonderful feedback from people who bought the book and enjoyed it. I was equally grateful for the suggestions I received.

October provided a most wonderful opportunity to do my first-ever reading alongside my wonderful Life Coach, Diane Gaidry and two wonderfully supportive writers who had encouraged me for the past year, Georgia Beers and Rachel Spangler. We were joined by  S. Alexander Smith and Laurie Salzler. Later in the month, I did a reading for “The Bar Rag”  Face Book show.

In November, while still doing revisions, and decided to go ahead and participate in my seventh annual NaNoWriMo.

The story idea was one that I had played with as collaboration with another author. Those two projects kept me at the computer all month. I also polished up the first chapter of the new book so that my publisher could post it as a free offering December 1st.

The frosting on the cake was a blog swap just after Thanksgiving with the celebrated author of “The Girls Club”, Sally Bellerose. It was a first for both of us and turned out to be fun and successful.

The distractions meant that December has been a pedal to the metal race to complete one more pass through “Defying Gravity”, the second book and the Damaged Series, which is set for release in March 2012. Yesterday, I sent the final version off to the publisher to begin edits. Once those are complete, I will start the major overhaul of book three, which promises to be much more of a thriller. But I did take a quick break to guest review Ruth Perkinson’s “Piper’s Someday” for The Rainbow Reader.

In January, I’ll be doing another blog spot with another incredible (surprise) author…TBA.

As well as writing a piece for the “2012 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event at Babbling About Books, And More”.  

In February, yet another fabulous author will swap blogs with me. (Can’t wait!)

March 1st “Defying Gravity” should be ready for prime time. And at the end of the month, I will be traveling to Austin Texas, to present for The Lone Star LesFic festival.”  

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

I would like to close this year out by thanking everyone who has helped me attain my lofty dream. I sincerely appreciate every note, suggestion, and comment you have provided. It is with your continued support, I will improve my craft. When I started writing seriously five years ago, I had no thought of publishing and today my story has reached out to so many. It truly has been a dream come true. And for everyone who has asked, there are least four or five books in a holding pattern waiting for revisions and submission.

For 2012, I wish everyone love, health, happiness, peace and prosperity .

8 thoughts on “Some good memories and a whole lot of gratitude

  1. Congratulations on an extremely successful 2011 and wishes for even bigger and better things coming your way in 2012. Just goes to show that hard work and helping others goes a mighty long way. We didn’t get the chance to chat much at GCLS last year, but I remember the new author reading very well. You kicked butt! All the best,

    1. I appreciate your kind words, I thought the reading totally tanked. 😉 I remember you, too. Maybe there will be more socializing in Minneapolis this year. Hope to see you.

  2. Ah, Barrett, you are one of the wonderful women that makes this community a joyful place. Very best wishes for 2012 and beyond. Thank you for letting me review your book, and for stepping up as as Guest Reviewer on my blog. You, my friend, rock the monkey! Every. Single. Day.

    1. Thank you, again, for your kind words. It is I who should be honored. The Rainbow Reader has been a beacon this past year, lighting up some phenomenal books and authors. Your reviews are an example of thoughtful, well written analysis. It was a little daunting to accept your challenge, but I’m glad I did.
      All the best for the coming year.

  3. Your energy and determination are inspirations. Congratulations on a fantastic 2011, and I wish you and even better 2012.

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