She’s Baaack!

Just got back from a conference in Palm Springs–the 5th Anniversary Left Coast Literary Conference. We had some interesting panels and presentations, but the one that motivated me to get off the couch (so to speak) was from the exuberant Shawn Marie. She single-handedly lit a fire under our collective derrieres about the importance of … More She’s Baaack!

At Long last, it’s coming…Balefire ~ the novel

Exactly one year ago, I started a story called “Belizean Shores” and by May, I had completed the second or third draft. Sadly, it stalled out in a frustrating beta experience. By the end of August, I had a good draft to submit. I am pleased and excited to joyfully announce the completion of Balefire.  … More At Long last, it’s coming…Balefire ~ the novel

Inevitable re-entry

Golden Crown Literary Society 9th Annual Convention, Dallas, Texas 2013 YES. It really has taken a week to recover my empty tank and I still needed a nap. 230+ women celebrating books AND chocolate chip cookies!! What’s not to love? It’s been almost a year since I join the amazing team at Bedazzled Ink. What … More Inevitable re-entry