The Fabled Book-Giveaway *Winners*

*****Tuesday, July 23, 2013   Announcement Day*****

(as a sidenote, Brenda Novak –Award winning Best Seller– just announced a contest where she was giving the winner 7 nights paid at a posh resort. I thought to myself, why didn’t I think of that? huh.)

Back to business…

Trumpet Fanfare, then slow drumroll…

There is a TIE!

Both were correct and therefore both will have their choice of any of my  3 books including the soon to be released “BALEFIRE”

Congratulations to “Dutch”  and SueH!

Let me know your choice and thanks to everyone who participated!


sm DISApologies for all the interruptions and delays. I have far too many distractions and I wanted to get this done in …May? yikes. In my defense, I was working on two books and planning a writing event in Albuquerque in September. Then came GCLS.


First, the prizes.For the first person to get all three answers correct: your choice of any of the three titles–print or eBook–as well as the option on the the new book “Balefire” (see teaser blog dated 6/10/13).


Second place will get a choice of any of the published ebooks. Next two runners up (if there are any) signed postcards of choice.

 >>>>   The Questions:

1. DIS  “T.J.” is the nickname of Zeke’s closest childhood friend. What does it stand for?  

2. WCM   Anne is amazed by the non-fogging mirror in the hotel bathroom. What was the explanation? 

3. DG  When Zeke orders room service on her arrival in AZ. what does she order?

*******addendum: send your answers to:    ****

Book three of the Damaged series is In-Process, so to speak, and will be titled “Dispatched With Cause”.  Buckle up.  Winners will be announced next Tuesday, July 23rd.

8 thoughts on “The Fabled Book-Giveaway *Winners*

  1. Excellent way to entice readers! Haven’t been introduced to your work yet, but this makes me curious. 🙂

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