Unsolicited Book Notes for: Letters Never Sent

Disclaimer: Okay, It’s true that Sandra Moran and I write for the same publisher. (Bedazzled Ink) That’s the limit of our similarities. She’s tall; I’m short. She’s young, I’m…not. You get the picture. Anyway, I have met her, and she’s incredibly nice…and smart! If you recognize  the name from FB, you’ll smile remembering Spencer, long runs, … More Unsolicited Book Notes for: Letters Never Sent

Excitement in the air

Things are hopping around the Manse this week.(not that you could guess by the picture) Washing machines, vacuuming, suitcases being shuffled, and the requisite visit from the plumber-because-the cooler-ain’t coolin’. All this in preparation for a road trip to the Midwest. Next stop–Minneapolis, MN! Well, not exactly…probably somewhere in sunny Kansas. Eventually, Minnesota for the 8th … More Excitement in the air