Excitement in the air

Things are hopping around the Manse this week.(not that you could guess by the picture) Washing machines, vacuuming, suitcases being shuffled, and the requisite visit from the plumber-because-the cooler-ain’t coolin’. All this in preparation for a road trip to the Midwest.

Next stop–Minneapolis, MN! Well, not exactly…probably somewhere in sunny Kansas. Eventually, Minnesota for the 8th Annual Golden Crown Literary Society Convention. This will be my third year, but first time as a “published” author. Last year my book was just getting ready for release and this year its short listed for a “Goldie” in Romantic Intrigue. I’m honored and flattered to be in the same category as some terrific writers.

Also Affinity EBooks–my publisher will be there for the first time supporting three of us short-listed for awards (Erin O’Reilly and S. Anne Gardner)

Were that not enough to cause jitters…I will be reading a short excerpt, then later participating with Mary Griggs, Jesse Chandler, Rebecca Gold, Erica Abbot on a panel entitled “So I had this idea…” moderated by Karin Kallmaker.

Then Friday Afternoon…I wrangled some great folks into talking about “Soldiers, Spies, and Special Agents: Emerging trends in lesbian Fiction”.

In addition to the writerly wonderfulness of panelists: Bev Prescott, Tracey Richardson, Lynette Mae,  Cheyne Curry, and moi–the humble Barrett. We are indeed fortunate to have the ceremonial wit and wisecrackery of Salem West-The Faery Home Companion and Reviewer Extraordinaire from The Rainbow Reader!   But that’s not all!

The author’s have each agreed to offer a signed book to give away….and for everyone…Chocolate treats!

After the festivities, I will continue my journey through Wisconsin to see friends and family, Chicago to visit my niece, then I’ll head west! (for anyone who saw me in my HS musical, that line will have great significance)                    Hint:>>>>>>>

Don’t miss this panel. Friday 3:30-4:45pm.

(pictures at 11p or the following week or two weeks…)

In between chores, watching distant wildfires, and preparing for a house sitter, I continue to work on Book 3 of the Damaged series.

yeah, well….whew. You enjoy your week, too!

8 thoughts on “Excitement in the air

  1. Have a blast a GCLS. All digits crossed for you. Congrats on your nomination. Wish I was joining you. Should have gone to MN instead of NYC – but there’s always next year. Keep us posted and break a leg. ooosallyb

    1. I wish you could be there, as well. Next Year! I honored to be considered, and Yes, I really mean it. First book Elation. Rest assured, there will be “silliness”.

  2. Barrett,

    Jitters? You? No way. You’ve got this! I’ll be waiting for the winner’s announcement. Have fun and remember us little people when you win!


    1. You’re very kind, but remember–I’ve been a practicing hermit for some time and have become quite adept. Also, introverts wither in large groups. I’m thrilled to be considered and looking forward to the main event. Wish you were there.

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