A new book review “Jericho”

My reading pile grew steadily as I worked through revisions, edits, and hand wringing for my second book. Since my latest baby has taken her first breath, I gratefully sat back in my recliner with Kindle in hand and lost myself in the lush landscape of “Jericho”.

As yet another happy reader, I drank the Kool-Aid. Yup, and what a sweet treat.

It’s always wonderful when a new author peeks out from the wings with a unique new voice.This time, however, Ann McMan burst onto the stage with a rich, unrushed carefully woven tale of fun, friendship, and adventure. The romance emerges in measured steps—one forward,  one back, one halting, and the dance continues as the two protagonists point, thrust, parry, and spar with one another.

Maddie and Syd, along with a cast of unique and quirky characters bring small town Jericho alive with sparkling, witty dialog.  With picture-perfect details, Ms. McMan paints the canvas light and depth that creates the perfect ambiance to suit each scene.

Her slim narrative and rapier dialog wend through a somewhat bucolic beginning seducing the reader with a comfortable pace. Once the bliss sets in, the author amps up the story and the pacing with hellz-a-poppin plot twists.

This was fun, endearing, and pleasurable read. A sequel is promised and I’ll be more than ready. This author possesses a rare and enjoyable gift; I’m guessing we’ll hear a lot more from her.

Find out more about Ann McMan  or Bedazzled Ink

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