My Shadow

The Watcher

While I labor on my taxes, my Diligent Dalwhinnie keeps an eye on me. Now, understand– I know the look, it’s either a reminder that it might be fun to go outside for a walk or perhaps a little something from the kitchen?
I confess, I can’t hold out for long, before capitulating to her brown eyes.

Her sister Poppy prefers a warm spot on the bed gazing out the window.

They are my companions and guardians. I thinks Dogs are here with us to teach us the joy of unconditional love and I don’t remember a time when I did not have a faithful hound at my side.

Okay, back to the damn taxes….

3 thoughts on “My Shadow

  1. I’ve rarely ever been without a dog. Poppy was a rescue from mistreatment. She’s curazy. Dalwhinnie, like most Labs, is love in a fur coat.
    Thanks for stopping by, Amy.

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