I know, I know, I said I wanted to post something about the process or craft or something. Well. I changed my mind. Currently, I’m shifting between “Diva” revisions and working on #10 “Belizean Shores” –the WIP (or work in progress).

Today, however, I got got caught up in a “photo-loop” –I know, pretty scary. I went looking for a picture of a spring flower and, well…next thing I knew an hour had passed and I found myself back in photoshop land. I love taking, adjusting, and arranging pictures.

Prairie 1

So, That’s what you’re getting today, a little bit extra. An

assortment of my favorites.

These were taken thirty miles away in the central high desert of New Mexico (when I was seeing patients during my working days as a Home Health Nurse).

and then for variety, my favorite spot in Pagosa Springs…

or my other favorite, Scotland…

and of course…Belize!

Actually, it is related to my writing because two of these locations are featured in my novels.  You can check out the excerpts section to find out which ones, snicker.

Until next time…

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