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Spring Storm




What are the little things that can make your day?  It may not happen every day but surely, there are things that can lighten your step and put a smile on your face for a minute, an hour, or maybe the entire day.

Spring seems to be making an early debut this year and it is by far my favorite season.  I was born in the spring so as the weather begins to warm and the days have become longer; the contemplative winter blanket begins to fade.

Because I live in the southwest, the sun has already moved closer to being directly overhead.  This is also the season of wind–annoying to many—but clarifying in its power.  Yesterday I noticed that the days have been infinitely clearer and fresher smelling.  The season of wood fires is winding down and the strong westerly winds carried away the vestiges of soot.

The meadowlark arrived a few weeks ago so that the bright clear mornings are no longer silent that carry his song.  A few other birds have arrived along with some grasshoppers and our favorite stinkbugs.  Tiny clumps of grass are dotting the gray-brown prairie.  Northeast of me, I can still see snow on the Santa Fe peaks, but the prairie still struggles from drought.

Yesterday morning we returned from our walk to find the FedEx truck in the driveway.  I was delighted to find the package I had ordered on Monday.  It was a beautiful new pen to commemorate the completion of my ninth manuscript.  It feels comfortable, writes fluidly and gently.

And when I climbed into bed last night, I wrapped myself in the scent of clean sheets.

Sometimes it’s the little things.  Hot coffee, a clear blue sky, the soft wafting breaths of sleeping dogs, and silence.

What sorts of things fill your soul?

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