yes, I think the earth moved under your feet

As you may have noticed, I have been a very bad blogger.  It has been over a month since my last entry and although I do have a wonderful interview written up, it needs to be formatted.  So, I apologize.

Dallas JewelLast week I had the privilege of visiting the Dallas JEWEL Book club as their monthly guest author.  I followed in the footsteps of many well-known authors who’ve lead the way for new writers in the field of lesbian fiction.  Luminaries such as Karin Kallmaker, KG MacGregor, and Radclyffe have all visited the book club in the past.  Recently, newer guest authors like Carsen Taite, Bev Prescott, and R.E. Bradshaw have taken their turn on the faux-fur covered platform at center stage in the great room of Illume.

[ JEWEL is a women’s group of the Resource Center Dallas dedicated to empowering women within their community through community involvement activities and social opportunities. JEWEL focuses on increasing the well-being of all women, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. All women are welcome. JEWEL’s monthly activities include: Lesbian Fiction Book Club, Writing Swap, Crafting Circle, and Socialite Events.]

Sandy and NeldaThe dynamo behind the popularity of the Dallas JEWEL is the indefatigable Sandy Thornton, who, with the help of Nelda Ireland, shepherded me through my stay like visiting royalty.

Feeling a smidgen of uncertainty, I brought along three booksm DIS excerpts—just in case no one asked questions.  Happily, a fair number of the attendees had already read Damaged in Service, which allowed for some wonderful questions and discussion.  Out of polite curiosity, they graciously allowed me to read an excerpt from a brand new WIP entitled Balefire.

The time flew by and suddenly two hours had passed.  I enjoyed talking with many of the members about writing and books and continued the earlier discussion about the pros and cons of “sex scenes” in books.  Sandy, my gracious host whisked me away to her home where we spent several more hours talking and laughing until I reluctantly collapsed into a deep restful sleep.

This was my first visit to an actual book club and it’s one that I will treasure. I feel very fortunate to belong to a community as welcoming and generous as the women who support lesbian fiction.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the ladies in Dallas JEWEL and especially my friends Sandy and Nelda.  I look forward to seeing many of them in April, at the Lone Star LesFic Festival in Austin and again in June for the ninth annual Golden Crown Literary Society convention back in Dallas.

Thanks again ladies, keep reading and keep writing!02 19 13 006

14 thoughts on “yes, I think the earth moved under your feet

  1. The earth moved under your feet? Was Carole King in town, too???

    Great blog, Nurse. I LOVE hearing about Jewel…they seem like this murky, mystical, secret society of literati who eat beef. I SO wanna join….


    1. Yes, Carole King never misses my appearances. JEWEL is not murky, in the least, passably mystical, and hey–it’s Texas. There is beef! You’ll love the book club members.

  2. Jeanne, This is a wonderful blog and THANKS for being our guest. It is my absolute pleasure the lead the book club and invite such wonderful authors as Barrett to our club. Our late night story telling was hilarious. Welcome back anytime.

  3. Good to hear – glad you’re having fun! For some reason yesterday I flashed being in the Merry Widow witcha! The old days!


  4. A beautifully written blog. Jeanne shares her experiences by taking you with her on a visit to Dallas – or wherever she writes about. Thanks, Jeanne. You are terrific!

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