A Tale of Woe and a new tingly announcement Zeke-Freaks

Caught in the morass of “tech services” this week and needing a life-line. Such a deal!  I’m telling you, a tiny kerfuffle with  the WiFi access has incurred the wrath of the Computer-gods. I’ve happily stayed under the radar for years…then I slipped up.

As I reported Monday, I spent three hours on the phone with my new BFF’s in India–Kahlil and Jogy. Delightful, patient, thorough and expensive. Now I have two warranties–software and hardware. Please, no helpful comments about why I did that.

I had both my laptop and mini diagnosed “remotely” (it’s weird watching the cursor fly around by itself making changes. Kind of like a Ouija board). Once the WiFi had a new driver all was good …except, the sound problem. Speaker didn’t work and the jacks didn’t work. Call transferred to “Hardware”. Jogy did his own diagnostics and decided it was the “motherboard and speakers” transferred to in home technician.

Wed. Jerry arrived, replaced the speakers and motherboard…several times and declared that the new board was DOA. yup. I needed another one. He replaced the original, ordered a new one. Back to normal status for one hour, the POOF! dead as a door nail. Could not even turn it on.

Grumble grumble…Jerry couldn’t get back until 9PM Wed night…um…No.

New tech–Anthony arrived Wednesday at noon.Worked fast, replaced motherboard, keyboard, wrist rest, start switch, and some other “stuff”. Looks brand new! But alas…mic and speaker still don’t work. So… he suggests I contact “software” service…in India….

to be continued…

*  In other news, because I’m impatient and a little giddy, I can’t wait for the formal announcement.   So…For those secret Zeke-Freaks…and you know who you are,          The Damaged Series has been in the shop for a tune-up and a new coat of paint.

The new shop is:                 

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of Bedazzled Ink Family. The first book in the series is in the capable hands of their editors, a new cover has been designed, and my signature affixed to the contract. As soon as I have a release date I will post it.

I want to thank all of the wonderful readers who have taken the time to write or comment on Damaged in Service and Defying Gravity and want to let you know that Book Three is on it’s way!

(The First edition of Defying Gravity will still be available through September 30th at Affinity eBooks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.)

In other news….it’s HOT. But, thankfully, no new fires!

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