July and Monsoons

I suppose I could talk about weather, it certainly has dominated the news. So not much else to add. June was unusually hot, dominated by fires and I spent the better part of it in my car and rest rest NOT in my car. July started with the oddly named Monsoons. I know! in the desert? Whatev’s… Still, it’s been much more temperate with temps dropping tot eh 50’s at night, 70-80’s during the day.

After a three month, unexpected slog through this writer’s demoralizing wasteland dearth

of inspiration. I’m revitalized. That’s never happened before and I Did.Not.Like.It.ONE.Bit.

NO. I won’t elaborate, but it was icky and I’d just as soon see the dentist as go though it again. The energy infuser seemed to be four days with readers and writers. Elixer of Bubbling Effervescent JuJu at the GCLS con.

I listened to readings and wonderful, educational panels [hint: Ellen Hart, Elizabeth Sims, Jewelle Gomez–just to start]. I came away with new purpose, and a new game plan. I’ll describe that more as it evolves. Meanwhile, I’m working on some long-pondered revisions to “Damaged in Service” for a brand spanking new second edition.

It’s a labor of love. While the story will be the same, there were a few tweaks I wanted to make. Be patient. It is not available right now but I will let you know as soon as I know.

I also dabbled my toes in something different…which I will announce soon. After all, it’s all about working for the readers!

On Saturday I joined my Gal pals at our monthly COWW winefest. We’ve been meeting pretty regularly for about 7 years and it’s always great to catch up. Not to mention a fabulous meal, shish kabobs, chicken, steak, shrimp-pineapple with peanut butter sauce, guacamole, a  tasty hors’ d-oeuvre of Prosciutto, arugula,and apricot puree on a buttery cracker (you’ve go to try this), spinach salad with kiwi, strawberries, and almonds…and a homemade key lime fresh fruit tart. Mix together with a nice wine, love & laughter and you have the perfect evening.

Next weekend our local LERA chapter will host the NYT Best Seller, Susan Elizabeth Phillips for a short presentation and dinner.

Life is good at the Manse. It’s pleasantly cool and cloudy. The dogs are comfortable and happy, and some of the laundry is done.

Till next time…Barrett, and her faithful companions

ps  Check out http://caringforkara.wordpress.com/master-list/   I’ve donated signed copies of both my books along with donations from 35 other authors.


16 thoughts on “July and Monsoons

  1. I think you need to put a warning on your blog when you’re going to describe a wonderful meal. Some of us can’t handle food porn without donning a bib! Thanks for the wonderful blog.

  2. Barrett…you need to hang out a shingle and SELL that Bubbling JuJu. I’d take a CASE! So glad it helped you crack through that pesky block. Maybe you can bust ME outta MINE!

    1. Hey Ann, maybe I will! Freshly squeezed Bubbling Juju direct from the fields of GCLS! We are lucky to have the opportunity to share our experiences with some real trailblazers.

  3. Hey Barrett – nice post – I need inspiration to get back to the blog myself. And thanks for the link to Kara and friends – just hooked up with them. Your fan, sallyb

    1. Hi Sally B, good to hear from you. I think that many of us were scrambling to “do it all” and it takes a toll. Balance in all things. Sigh. It’s hard to prioritize, sometimes. Take care.

  4. Aw, Barrett, you totally cracked me up with the line, “Elixer of Bubbling Effervescent JuJu at the GCLS con.” Brilliant, chica. You keep writing, my friend. Your energy and unshakable spirit inspire me.

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