Treachery afoot…

Bonus Blog!

Apparently Spring is in the air. In the space of about two weeks there’ve been three different rattle snake sightings. That’s kind of unusual. During my first ten years in the high desert, I think I saw five–and that was walking across uninhabited areas. In the last two years I’ll bet I’ve spotted at least a dozen.

No injuries to me or my furbies, but there is also a dearth of the all too frequent bunny sightings.  Used to be hundreds of them.

In front of the garage… 

A miscellaneous Albert Squirrel who graciously posed at Bandelier Monument.

Behind the garage. * Remember folks, telephoto lenses are a very good thing.

Walk softly and watch where you’re going. I do.

5 thoughts on “Treachery afoot…

    1. Thank you, sage reviewer! The prairie offers some unique treasures–even when it’s parched. Just wait, I have great surprises in store, muwahaa hahaha.

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