My excuses for goofing off…

Hi There! Uber slacker here! (along with the furkids)

Yup, missed a week being distracted by “stuff”. Mea culpa. I had the best of intentions, really. April has gone faster than a speeding bullet. I’m working on revisions for book 3–with lots of new ideas and draaaama.

Plus, The GCLS Con is in about 40 days. I volunteered a panel idea on “Women in Service” and gathered some great talent. Bev Prescott, Lynette Mae, Cheyne Curry and the amazing reviewer from The Rainbow Reader–Salem West as moderator. I Know!! This will be an incredible session. If you’re going to the Con, don’t miss this one.

Plus…The amazing Karin Kallmaker invited me to join her panel titled “So I had this Idea…” Yup, THRILLED.Time to do some shopping!

I’ll be doing a reading from my nominated “Damaged in Service” which finaled for the Romantic intrigue category. (I’m so honored). Plus, I’ll be hanging  around signing books with my publisher, Affinity eBooks for their first Con appearance.

Meanwhile, I need to interview my new house-sitter, meet with a new critique group, plan a birthday getaway, get the car serviced…Again, make arrangements for a post-con visit to my family, and …oh, there will be more.

Alright, I’m a little crazed–but it will be fine. Spring has arrived in the High Desert–sunny, seventies, breezy with a few brave and tiny wildflowers appearing…along with a junior rattler. Ah well, roses, thorns, you get the picture. 

More news when it happens–BUT I would like to take a second to THANK All of the wonderful folks who went and bought copies of both books, making April the BEST sales month yet. Each and every one of you will get  a big hug whenever I meet you!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

6 thoughts on “My excuses for goofing off…

  1. Must be the weekend for goofing off and chilling. We spent the day in Orlando with my brother and his family. Fun in the sun and drinks around the pool. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

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