catching up with the peeps…

I’ve pondered what I wanted to talk about next, but alas,  too many ideas slowed up the wheels of progress.

So, a brief recap.

Briefly, Book 2 of the Damaged series (tentatively titled “Defying Gravity”) is wending its way through the system. I’ll keep you apprised as events unfold.

Next up will be our much ballyhooed multi-author reading-signing-panel event in Buffalo, NY., Oct 6th, 7:00pm at the Pride Center of Western New York. Check out this line-up…Georgia Beers (I know!), Rachel Spangler, my go-to arranger, S.Alexander Smith (the legendary Smitty), fellow newbie author– Laurie Salzler, the ever modest Barrett, and the extraordinary actor/ Life coach Diane Gaidry!

Now, why am I hyping the heck out of this event?

Because…it is actually a dream come true. Yup. Nearly 2 years ago I had the good fortune of working with Diane as a Life Coach. (If I hadn’t, we would not be having this conversation-truly.) When we started to work on my goal of getting a book ready to pitch and hopefully published, she asked me a question.

“What do you want from me?”   (don’t answer that, Spangler.)
I said, “I want you sitting beside me at my book signing.”
She said, “I’ll be there.”  (how cool is this woman?)
Now, 22 months later, it will happen just as we planned it.

To make that dream even sweeter, Georgia and Rachel will be there.

Once I achieved the goals I set for my first manuscript, I took off for Florida and the Golden Crown Literary Society convention, by myself, proposals in hand. I didn’t know a soul.The very first evening I met Georgia and Rachel and we ended up discussing, who else? Diane Gaidry.

I was greeted and welcomed by many during the next few days, but Georgia and Rachel were the ones (along with Amy) who checked on me regularly, offered suggestions and advice.

It meant so much to have that kind of support for the new kid. And they’ve continued to offer support. When I asked them to do this signing with me, neither one hesitated.

So, while Thursday evening will be a pleasant event for most, it will be the manifestation of a dream for me.

“Words create worlds” and sometimes we can create the future we live into.

I wish you all could be there.  But even if you can’t,  Go ahead, Dare to Dream!

9 thoughts on “catching up with the peeps…

  1. I am so happy you met DG and had a wonderful life coach with her.Hopefully i meet you one day and i want you to write one romance story as this story may be can not be publish in my country.Thank you Barrette as i already almost like you in Barrette Writes.

  2. Every goal reached is a huge step forward on the fantastic journey we writers undertake. Congratulations on reaching *another* one of yours! Good luck to all at the reading/signing. Wish I could be there. BTW, I love that poster!

    A big, big hug,

  3. Very cool! Have fun and I look forward to the report! Me, I’m housebound until my own minor opus is done end October. Nothing nearly as interesting as a book signing and opportunity to buy a new outfit will await me upon completion, however. Just a slug of tequila and a good sleep. And hopefully, a fat check.

    BTW, am almost finished with Damaged in Service. Nicely done, chica!

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