Golden Crown Literary Society 7th Annual Meeting

I know I promised a special teaser and I will, soon. First I would like to say a few things about the convention I just attended. I the past couple of days, the interwebs have been bombarded with anecdotes and pictures about the fun, the wretched hotel, and a brilliant speakers.  All of them are true.

This year was my second convention and it was a different experience.  Last year as a newbie, or “Con virgin”, I was pretty intimidated trying to attach faces to all the names I had been reading.  I attended by myself and was quickly embraced as part of the family.  The members and the Board immediately  went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and offer me sage advice.

Last year the GCLS offered an opportunity to share a work in progress with a mentor.  I sent five chapters and was fortunate to meet with Karen Badger and Marcia Finical.  They sent me home armed with ideas and enthusiasm.

Throughout the year I have been in touch with many of them and must say, that through their support and friendship I managed to get my manuscript cleaned up, submitted, and (very soon) published.  Many hours have gone into revisions and rewrites.  Friends and strangers have all generously provided input to polish this manuscript.

This year when Renee Bess sent out the invitation to meet with the mentor, I jumped at the chance to send along my current work in progress.

As luck would have it, my two mentors were Dalia Craig and Kg MacGregor (the keynote speaker this year). I was thrilled.  On Thursday afternoon they sat down with me and provided a wealth of suggestions on how to craft my new story.  This kind of personal mentorship is just one of the many reasons that the GCLS is an invaluable resource to readers, writers, and aspiring writers.

The awards on Saturday night with the icing on the cake.  Dozens of seasoned authors as well as debut contributors were presented with “Goldie’s” honoring their hard work. As this is such a small community, each and every award winner was celebrated with warmth and affection. (Kg MacGregor was awarded a Goldie for “Photographs of Claudia”)

In spite of the hot, humid Florida temperatures, the strange and frustrating hotel problems, and the expenses—this year’s event was a bit more comfortable for me.  There were more familiar faces, more warm hugs, and a greater sense of belonging.  I look forward to next year when the convention will shift north to Minneapolis. The Midwest is home to me and it will be an opportunity to visit family and friends.

In conclusion I want to thank Kg and Dalia for taking time with a new writer.

Ladies, you’re the best!

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