Zeke thought the case was closed…

Zeke shook her head. She could feel her body trembling with fear and anger. “No, I’m okay. That last murder blew the case wide open. We never knew about his brother Hassan’s part in the operation, so the odds are good he’s connected much deeper and probably very determined to find his brother. The two of them needed to work out a last minute plan to evade us in Chicago, and that’s how Ahmed got away. At the time, we had no clue and no evidence to charge Hassan.” She bristled, recalling that day, and how foolish they all felt. “It took weeks to find him, and finally arrest him.”

“That’s good to know. The brother would certainly be the logical one to be looking,” said Donovan, scribbling down notes as fast as he could. “Now at least we have a name to plug in.” He put the notebook back in his pocket. “We want to keep you apprised, since they specifically mention your name in connection with this. Since you were working undercover with Detective Shapiro at the time, it’s unusual both your names keep lighting up. We have to believe these individuals, whoever they are, have discovered your identity and have a keen interest in finding you. Even though you are officially off the clock, stay alert. There is a potential for danger out there.”

Zeke smiled at him. “It’s kinda surprising considering who the guy is. He’s a busy doctor. I mean, he isn’t some radical jihadist; although, come to think of it, he did contact one, which is how he ended up in Guantánamo.” The iced tea glass was empty and Zeke rattled the ice cubes around then said, “Clearly, the guy has deep connections, we weren’t aware of.” She unconsciously rubbed the back of her neck and continued, “Apparently, the Chicago team seriously underestimated the potential fury that his sudden disappearance created and the extent to which someone would go to find him and retaliate.”

Mike Donovan pulled a cell phone from his pocket and handed it to her. “This is a new encrypted phone with GPS tracking. We’ll use this to stay in touch.”

“That’s probably a good idea.” Zeke pocketed the phone and shook hands with the young agent. “Thanks for the iced tea. I guess we’ll be in touch.” She stood up and pushed in her chair.

He did the same.  “It was great to meet you Agent Cabot. I’ve heard really good things about you.”

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