Ah, the edits…

On editing, she promised.

Keep in mind as you read this, that I have been the published author for 16 days.  I think, that qualifies me as a rank amateur.  Nonetheless, the ink is dry, the  publishers are waiting and I’m working on editing.

Shortly after a lengthy Skype conversation with the two owners, I received my first notes.  Within three days—the first idea for cover.  And by day six, I received the complete edit.  Clearly, I had my work cut out for me.

I was thrilled because all I have ever asked for was an editor.  I wasn’t looking for $1,000,000 advance and I wasn’t looking for a six- book deal.  All I wanted was someone to help me become a better writer.  So I was ecstatic to read and act on the suggestions I got.  They allowed me the chance to look even closer into the minds off my characters.  The colors of my story became richer and the voices clearer.

Once that was finished and I had sent all corrections back, I waited. About 24 hours.  I got back the freshly formatted manuscript with a note suggesting I carefully we read the manuscript to be sure that it was the story I wanted to tell.  Gulp.

There are still two more hoops, but I am slowly reading the story out loud, hoping to hear the same thing my readers will hear.  Now, I am biased and I am a rank amateur, but I’ve Gotta tell Ya—this is a heck of a good story.

If everything goes according to plan, the book should be available by the end of July—fingers crossed.

oh…the cover? I just love looking at it.

Have a good weekend, you know where I’ll be.

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