October 1st 2020 “Brava!”

The Story of the Story

Shortly after moving to New Mexico, I had the good fortune to attend an opera in Santa Fe with a dear childhood friend. We had front row center seats to La Traviata. I was enchanted! (Note: this was not my first opera. My friend also took me to see Birgit Nilsson in Salome at The Lyric Opera of Chicago.)

For weeks I relived the performance and every little nuance. Remember I was no more than 12 feet away. Gradually a story began to form. So, in 2009—during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)* I spat out 50K words of the first draft.

I worked on it and asked my Opera Friend (see above) to look at it. I should note she is a very talented opera singer AND fluid in French. She provided some wonderful suggestions, which I included.  I had good feedback from others, but got distracted with other story ideas.

What if…

Last year I capitulated to the pressure and I am proud to offer the result! Please read the acknowledgements to get a picture of how many have helped bring this love story to light.


I’m sure some of you will have questions which I am happy to answer. Leave them in the comments and I will answer. Also, if you wish to be included in the drawing for a print (2) or eBook (4), please leave a comment with which you prefer. I will draw from a random number generator and winners will be announced 24 hours later on Friday afternoon on this site


7 thoughts on “October 1st 2020 “Brava!”

  1. LOVE the videos–I can’t wait to read the book! You’ve always got an interesting story to tell, Barrett, and I’m so excited about adding this newest one to my library.

  2. As the original editor of this tome, I demand to be placed on the raffle list! But I also want two print copies, one to keep, one to donate! Proud friend of author!

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