I am really excited and more than a scosh* apoplectic. Having a real live book launch is a different kind of anxious. (You have to smile at everyone even if they’re looking for the bathroom. Then, sit and watch. people may walk by and scan the books without stopping; they stop, pick one up and then look at the cover…”is this a sci-fi terror story?”; or they pick up a book turn it over and read the blurb while cheerily talking about the totally weird weather. And leave.

Keep smiling.

So, I will be sitting here Thursday at the stroke of noon staring at my screen prepared to answer questions ( including the weird weather), play short readings, raffle off copies of Diva print and eBooks, and maybe sipping a wee dram (Highland Dew LIVES!).

Please save the date Thurs. 10/1/20, noon till 12:30ish.

Let’s kick this new release into the laps of romantics!

Thanks for your support!

*Schosh= scotch +shot

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