Seriously? a pandemic?

One might think I’ve been snoozing under a rock lo these past eight months. But no. I’m kidding.  I have been honing my skills of “Hermit-ing” and a few months  “Quarantine Life” with my brother.

I can report that I am quite accomplished at both. Truthfully, it’s not radically different from my prior ADL (activities of daily living).  While I have mastered the art of “Zooming” I do miss actual HUGS!!

You’d think with all of this time on my hands I could have been wildly creative…and I have been “sort of”. I was thrilled to have John’s skill to help with 58 different projects that I couldn’t do alone. (more on that another blog)

More importantly, I completed my next novel “Diva: A Romance”. I wrote the original story about nine years ago and with some loving badgering I resurrected the story and will look forward to its release in October of this year! (See cover)

I continue my obsession with woodworking cholla skeletons. The wood is unique, very hard and infinitely inspirational. I have many beautiful pieces, some whimsical pieces, and a number of functional objects (towel bars, pen holders, listed sculptures, hat racks, and mobiles!

thumbnail-1 (yup. see more pics next  time)

What I have neglected is my blog 😦

BUT, thanks to my brilliant and tenacious Web Mistress–The Remarkable Shawn Marie Bryan…I have been reminded of my responsibility to my peeps. Mea Culpa.

Without further ado, I will add some color and interesting pics.

Thanks for stopping by and look for Diva in October at Sapphire Books Publishing.



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