NaNoWriMo is coming!



November 1st begins 30 days of Butt-in-Chair wordcrafting. I’ve entered every year except 2016. It’s become a training exercise for the discipline of writing EVERY Damn Day.

Diligently done, I usually end up with a decent start to a manuscript. And this year, I’m amping up the pressure with a new idea. Several weeks ago, I woke up with and idea for a new book in the Damaged Series–The adventures of Zeke and Anne. I even had a title “Destiny’s Child”.

Having the title and the tiniest essence of the story…(you better sit down) …


I did.

Big deal? Are you kidding? I am the quintessential “Panster”. I never even imagined HOW to write an outline. I can’t explain what happened, but I think it’s because I’m highly motivated to get my ‘mojo’ back where it belongs. Too many interruptions have robbed me of the joy I experience when I’m enmeshed in a story. That was the reason I started writing to begin with. I love making up stories.

My very first published book

This was my very first published book back in 2011. It became the first in a series that–to this day [wink] continues.

Do you enjoy making up stories? Perhaps you might give this “nano” madness a try.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo is coming!

  1. Good luck on the concentrated 30 day butt in chair experience. As an avid reader of yours I’m thrilled that you have a kernel of an idea for a new book in the Damaged series. Sending positive thoughts that the words flow and you have a great month of writing.

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