2014 WWW of New Mexico “Reader Writer Exchange”


A little over year ago, and intrepid group of writers came together on a rainy Saturday morning to set up the campsite for the first annual WWWofNM grill ‘n’ gab.

The sun poked its head out and we enjoyed several hours of congenial fun and food.

We read excerpts from our books, met new friends, grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, and talked about everything—especially doing it all again a year later.


On Saturday, September 27th, we gathered at a new venue (read: indoors, A/C, chairs) for the 2nd Annual get together to talk books and writing. With help from the WOA (Women Out and About) 29 people gathered at Total Wine & More-Uptown, in Albuquerque. The classroom was large, open, and quiet.

CK and Boz




Mary Ann Bosworth arranged for coffee and donuts, which allowed everyone to mingle and meet. CK provided a wonderful program with full-color pictures, bios, maps, and directions to local sites.Plus, she got most of the great photos

Nat Burns and Kayt Peck
Janie Franz, Isabella, Kayt Peck, Nina Knapp, Julie Cannon, Nat Burns

Our diverse panel of authors included: Nat Burns, Julie Cannon, Janie Franz, Isabella, Nina Knapp, Kayt C. Peck, and Barrett.

Barrett and Julie Cannon


The program was designed to provide readers an opportunity to ask questions about writing process, steps to getting published, reading, and critiquing. And even though we prepared a stack of index cards with common questions, our enthusiastic audience members were able to keep a lively conversation going until after 4 p.m..

10646779_10203297120085682_443821343058451637_n   We held a raffle to defray the cost of the morning break, and each author donated books and other swag to the winners.

1555385_10203297045363814_6578773644275601597_n-1 10685473_10203297057964129_4719840029760039797_n10277825_10203297050563944_3824846315941956518_n10702072_10203297051483967_5062055171492376688_n10670175_10203297059564169_2037424675048364239_n10600559_704376019634569_6952100992361247997_n

As planned, the very supportive staff at Total Wine prepared and delivered and informative wine tasting for those who wished to stay.

10383897_10203297126845851_1830603143873185702_n                10568845_10203297105085307_1761869204407136377_n

After final cleanup, we already assembled at Sadie’s east for margaritas, nachos, and a delightful meal with good friends.

10006363_10152320527340373_4573157415092555086_n                 10523673_10203883317501962_5710354836718422110_n

The overwhelming majority agreed to do it again next year, the last weekend of September, at our new venue.

10632650_10203297061324213_259386354765008645_n  1975051_10203297108045381_752591104665717588_n   10704148_10203297119405665_30047221326808813_n-1

The Day’s event was summed up beautifully by one of our participants:

“Nevertheless I was delighted to see all of you sitting up in front and the smiling, laughing comments and answers to questions. The power and joy I felt was akin to the early days of developing Women Studies at UNM when we were equally proud and self-assured and smiling. Thank you and all the women for a wonderful taste of joy!”  ~Ann Nihlen


Many thanks to all who helped make this event so successful especially the readers who so generously support our writing!

*Julie Cannon   *Nat Burns   *Isabella   *Janie Franz   *Nina Knapp  *Kayt C.Peck, *Barrett


9 thoughts on “2014 WWW of New Mexico “Reader Writer Exchange”

  1. Great authors talking about good books…finished off with WINE? Who could ask for anything more! Thanks, Barrett, for this wonderful glimpse into what looks like a blooming, annual event!

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