Barrett’s Book Blog–the Update

Well, apparently I’ve been on sabbatical or I’ve been working hard on my latest manuscript. Either way I’ve been very neglectful.

I do hope you enjoyed the previous blog about Andi Marquette’s new release “From the Hat Down” which is the sequel to her novella, “From the Boots Up.”



Now it’s my turn. Coming very soon is the release of “Dispatched with Cause” —the third Book in the Damaged Series.  I originally released the second edition of “Damaged in Service” in November of 2012. I followed with “Defying Gravity” in March 2013. I needed a break and wrote “Balefire” in November 2013.












(Note: After living in poor Zeke’s head for about 4 years, and researching the PTSD, I needed something a little lighter, so I basked in the Belizean sun with Balefire <g>)


WindyCityThere were also two novellas, “Windy City Mistletoe” about a future holiday for Zeke and Anne.



The second “Flights of Fancy” was the follow-up for“Balefire” and the first in the Forever Windsor Series to celebrate Marriage equality.

In order to bring you up to speed, I thought I would do a series overview. Many readers enjoy waiting until the entire series is written before starting. Others jump in with both feet, finish a book, and then tear their hair out until the next book is released. For those souls, I am truly sorry.

So let’s take a look back…

Book 1 “Damaged in Service”

In book 1, we meet our beloved protagonist, FBI Special Agent Zeke Cabot. She’s the only character I’ve ever visualized from a real-life person, and that was Halle Berry. It didn’t start that way, but the more I wrote her scenes, the clearer the vision became. So if you can picture a taller more muscular Biloxi woman of mixed race with a 15 year career as a federal agent and a newly diagnosed case of PTSD—that is Zeke.

The first book was set up to introduce Zeke, her baggage, her love interest, and a number of predicaments that seem to follow her to New Mexico.

Anne Reynolds is a lovely introverted divorced nurse healing from her own unhappiness. Their serendipitous meetings foster an unavoidable attraction. Her beautiful home in the mountains outside of Albuquerque is the ideal place for Anne to have an attractive stranger dropped in her lap.

As the relationship begins to bud, they are tracked and assaulted by an angry suspect from Zeke’s last case in Chicago. Loose threads from that case along with her doubts send Zeke back to Chicago.

So now we have the set-up–love and a bad guy.

Book 2  “Defying Gravity”

This story is where we delve deeper into the romance between Zeke and Anne. Attracted and tentative, they gingerly test the waters of a serious relationship. Hassan, their nemesis, has not given up harassing Zeke to find his brother.

Anne’s personal tragedy forces Zeke to focus and support the woman she loves.

When Chicago boss, special agent in charge Frank Hartbrooke authorizes her for a special undercover op for the Albuquerque field office, it triggers a flashback along with introducing a major crime figure.

Zeke and Anne surrender to their powerful attraction and commit to making it work. But…

And now we’re up to book 3. “Dispatched with Cause” July 2014

DwSWe’ve met the characters; looked behind the curtain with each of them, and now the roller coaster begins.

The book begins with an accident, a kidnapping, abduction, and a confrontation between Zeke and her two most fearsome antagonists. Zeke gets hurt; Anne gets worried, and complications arise.

Zeke…and Anne can no longer ignore the proverbial “elephant in the room” that is Zeke’s head injury/PTSD. She ends up in the hospital again, and Anne needs help.

Once some loose ends are tied up, and the two women have some serious decisions to make.

Balancing the story, they meet new friends and develop a small support network that will benefit both women.

There’s hope for a bright future…if. If Zeke steps up.


Book 4  “Deliver Me” is tentatively set for early 2015.

In which, Zeke is finally forced to accept help from an unusual resource because she makes a new friend in a position to help her.

Things are about to change.

In case there are distant whispers, “Is that the end of the Damaged Series?”

I don’t know. For now, yes. We’ll have to see because I do love these characters, and they have just begun their lives together.

I started a story Zeke’s earlier years because I needed to know who she was before she developed PTSD. There are also a couple of other characters that might be interesting.

What am I doing now? There’s Book 4 in the Damaged series, and I have a YA/mystery/paranormal screaming for attention. Then there’s a fun romantic romp behind the scenes of an opera house, and a chap-book pulp fiction series…

So many words and so little time.  Stay tuned! I’m enjoying the process, learning the craft, and meeting wonderful new friends.


Books are available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bedazzled Ink Publishing


13 thoughts on “Barrett’s Book Blog–the Update

  1. EGAD! I need more than Nike fingers to catch up to you. This was very informative and helpful. It gives us latecomers a starting point and direction so reading it orderly. Brava, woman!

    1. Thanks, McQ! I started late and need to hurry. I’m not sure how much time is on the meter and I have lots to learn. I appreciate your support.

  2. Thanks for the update and looking forward to Zeke! Good on ya – looking forward to Portland and saying “howdy” again! Cheers

  3. Thanks for the news of a soon to be released book as well as other books that are planned. Sounds like you have a head full of characters that are waiting to burst free. 🙂

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