Silke and Kirin’s Photo Diary


So the story really began for Silke Dyson and Kirin Foster as they left the Phillip Goldson International Airport for the resort on Ambergris Caye.


The view flying into San Pedro. The Barrier Reef to the right.


The boat from the resort heading south to town.


The shore line of Ambergris Caye.


First look at the resort on arrival, condo’s and casitas.


The beach at the resort looking north toward the Condo.


The entrance to the main office, pool, and restaurant.The view Silke sketches.


Bar and restaurant.


Office view of the restaurant.


Restaurant view of the pool deck.


Belize Night.  Do you hear the steel drums?


the romantic palm lined beach.


Nekoomis’ Casita (if it weren’t fictional)


Fido’s bar and restaurant in San Pedro.

belize 023

Belizean breakfast. Complete with Fry Jack.

And finally…


The author and brave travel buddy at Fido’s after surviving a harrowing near death flight through a tropical storm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For anyone who may have missed the announcements about these two books. Both are/will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Bedazzled Ink.

Balefire_light     Flights of Fancy_2 (1)

Flights of Fancy is the first book of a new series celebrating Marriage Equality.

Thanks for stopping by…  Barrett

8 thoughts on “Silke and Kirin’s Photo Diary

  1. Love the photos! On a cold winter’s night with the wind howling outside, they couldn’t have come at a better time. The pictures were a great way to introduce me to your book, too. Better than a book trailer, I think. Now I want to see how the characters play within that setting. Excellent.

    Oh, BTW….can I be your travel buddy next time? lol.

  2. Wonderful timing! We are just starting Balefire. The pictures really add a lot. We both think Silke reminds us of someone we know!! Gee….I wonder who that could be…..

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