Turkey, Thanksgiving, and Chocolate Silk Pie…oh my

from my house to yours…


It’s hard to believe November’s over, well nearly. October was so busy with traveling, and the first part of November finishing up Balefire, while simultaneously doing a NaNoWriMo novella.

Happily, Balefire is available and doing well. The novella is finished and will hopefully be unavailable around Christmas—fingers crossed. The story for the novella stems from a comment Kirin makes at the end of the book and a suggestion by my editor. Essentially, the novella picks up several months after the story ends. It essentially finds the two protagonists joyfully working in the tropical splendor of Belize. Their three months sabbatical is coming to a close and it’s time for them to make some decisions about their lives.

Silke has a plan and Kirin has a problem. Both will be resolved by the time the story ends.

This was a fun little exercise for me. I had no plans to continue the story, but as I said there was one line that begged for embellishment. Ergo, a story was born. The switchbacks and plot points that popped up were complete surprise, and a couple of times I wasn’t sure how to get out of them. But I trust the process, and they worked out.

Since Nano is 50K words, and the novella was only about 44,000 words, I’ve been cobbling together the pre story for Zeke Cabot. If you recall in our last two episodes, the intrepid Zeke Cabot continues to struggle with the nefarious effects of her PTSD—which continues to be the elephant in the room. Of course, I am privy to the fact that she will, whether she likes it or not, be receiving treatment in book four. And I hadn’t given that much thought until recently, when I realized that I have been working with Zeke as a character for almost 15 years. But I know very little about her life prior to her time in Chicago. In order for her to get better, I had to know what “better” is for her. So I have taken her back to one year after Quantico when she is a fresh faced, enthusiastic, and patriotic young special agent. Young, single and living the high life in Washington, DC.

It’s a fun ride.

I’m going to take a break next week and visit friends for a few days of R & R—Rest and Ribaldry, and perhaps an adult beverage or two. When I return refreshed, I will jump into the revisions for book three of the damaged series, Dispatched with Intent. In which, murder and mayhem will commence.

I will also be offering free copies of Balefire on a Goodreads giveaway. Stay tuned.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has bought, commented, reviewed, or promoted my work. You have made my dream job all the better for your support.

2 thoughts on “Turkey, Thanksgiving, and Chocolate Silk Pie…oh my

  1. Sounds good! 

    Wrick is out here somewhere and has not checked in! $@#^!

    We saw “Blue is the Warmest Color” – is it being discussed on your circuit? It won best actresses, director and film at Cannes. We loved it – it’s Bob’s favorite movie of the year so far – and he clams it’s not a lesbian film. Hope you get to see it. All comments welcome.

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