You so want to come to New Mexico?



balefire_lgLabor and delivery complete! It was long. It was arduous. It was painful. But my infant “Balefire” is now recovering in the new release nursery until she’s strong enough to be released. Whew, this one was tough.

It is not part of the Damaged series, but an “accident” of NaNoWriMo 2012. Whoops. I love speed writing, and I needed to spend time with characters not suffering from trauma and drama. Well, I got one out of two. I’ll post an excerpt soon.

Until then let me try to foreshadow a bit. Kirin Foster is a Type A travel writer with a last minute change in plans. She’s cranky!

Silke Dyson is an artist/teacher leaving town–and an unhappy situation–for two weeks of R & R on the white sand beaches of Belize.

A tropical storm, a chance meeting, and a visual impairment set these two women together to make-do of a bad situation and make a lasting friendship.

The interwoven experiences of these characters continue when they return to Milwaukee. Quirky friends, family, and coincidences build unbreakable bonds for two women on the cusp of mid life career changes.

I have grown terribly fond of Kirin and Silke. I hope my readers will feel the same way with a very different kind of story. More news when it’s ready.

Meanwhile, I’m gearing up for the promo train.

WP_20130815_009September 14th I will be joining my guest  authors, Andi Marquette, Lynn Ames, Karen Badger, Nat Burns, and Bett Reence Johnson for the first Western Women Writers of New Mexico grill and gab. We will gather Saturday afternoon  at the Pine Flat picnic grounds in the cool manzanita mountains and chill.

I’m not sure how many will attend, we’re guessing between 20-40. It will be unstructured and comfortable. This time instead of be “grilled” by readers, the authors will grill FOR the readers. LOL.P&D

(If you needed an added incentive…there will be two very special guests…)

When we’re talked out, we’ll head into Albuquerque for margarita’s and guacamole!

October will find me on a plane to Palm Springs for the first ever Left Coast Lesbian Conference with more fabulous writers and readers!

Later, I’ll be off to my 50th HS class reunion–probably the last<wink>

Six trips this year. Good thing my sweet dogs like camp.DSCF2547



That’s all for now, I need to make a grocery list for the picnic.

12 thoughts on “You so want to come to New Mexico?

  1. Hi your chocolate lab is especially stunning! I have been gifted a few of your blogs from my current n blessed Life Coach of Buffalo NY. I would welcome an email exchange with you if only a brief one as this sconnie “sister” gal has ventured on very similar (to your) and profound paths as well. Thank you…Barb (

  2. Congratulations on Balefire taking its next steps to meet the world. The grilling in the mountains sounds fun. Plus, those doggies are awfully cute. Have a great time and safe travels!

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