Contest for give-aways!

I’m still a little flush with the excitement of finishing the first draft of “Balefire” and sending back the signed contract for it. This story derived as they often do from the ‘shotgun’. I entered Nanowrimo last year for the eighth year and won, as I have every year except 2005…when I did the whole thing with pen and paper. For Balefire, I wrote the first 50k  then continued the next 50k for five more months. It still needs beta reading and revising, but I really like it. As soon as I clean it up, I’ll post an excerpt about these endearing characters. ( I hope you’ll agree.)

It will only be a slight commercial interruption before I plunge head-long into the amped-up book 3 of the Damaged series, tentatively titled “Deliberate Choices”. In this one, Zeke will have her hands full, her weapon loaded, and a Kevlar vest handy. Lots of pots will be boiling and Anne’s frustration will be one of them. Stay tuned.

Back to the current topic. I want to share the love with some prizes. So, I’m planning a little contest where the winners will receive a copy of their favorite book. In order to make it fun and challenging, there’s a pre-contest.

For the top three people who submit an interesting “question” I can use for the contest, I        Barrett postcardwill send a signed copy of my table card used for my booksigning. (which is an 11×17 poster). The questions should relate to the series or to my writing.

The winners question will be chosen on the basis of cleverness, interest, and difficulty.

When I’ve got three good ones, I’ll post Phase II of Project Give-away. Need I say, if your question is chosen…you can’t submit the answer in the next phase.

Come on, folks help me get this Give-away moving!

Meantime, I gearing up for the SW Book Fiesta which will open next weekend at the ABQ convention center May 10-12, 2013.

“The Southwest Book Fiesta is all about the past, present and future of books and publishing. We’re bringing together authors, publishers and the public for a family-friendly weekend, focusing on nationally recognized as well as local authors, literacy, learning, and most of all – fun!”

I’m part of a panel discussion with my LERA sisters on Saturday and signing on Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those brave souls–for every Mother.

9 thoughts on “Contest for give-aways!

  1. I’m just blown away by the number of times you won NANO. Not surprised, but way impressed. I have a numberr of FB friends who go for this every year. Thanks for giving me bragging rights for in knowing you and this. Yummy!

  2. I am sure I should know this, but what does LERA stand for? The SW Book Fiesta sounds fabulous!

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