Burgers, Bombs, Blogs, and Balefire.

green chile cheeseburger

All right I know, 750 words will not break records in the Daily Word Count Books. It’s okay. Everything is OK and this is why: I’m not going to apologize for anything. I have somehow lost my ritual/habit routine for writing… And for many other things, like vacuuming. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Life is short, every minute precious, and I don’t want to waste it on regret. I looked back over my recent blog entries and realized how erratic I’ve been, so what? No one asked me to publish a blog, let alone update it every week. That was my decision and now things have changed, so I do what I can.

Next tangent. See the picture I posted? That is a green Chile cheeseburger, something that is renowned in New Mexico.  I posted the above picture because  it’s been lurking in the back of my mind for nearly five months. I’ve been on a self-imposed diet with a very limited calorie count. As a general rule, I don’t eat anything that I like very much, which means I avoid: sugar, fat, alcohol, simple carbohydrates, and calorie laden foods which taste good. The only reason I have been successful in this draconian effort, is that it’s working. Were it not, well…

And it’s better not talk about food too much. Trust me.

Another thing, at the beginning of the year I set up a six-month travel schedule primarily for promotion of my second book (Defying Gravity released at the end of March.) Two down and the next will be middle of May. I’m very proud of both second editions and pleased by their success. Maintaining a presence is important in promoting books. (This is not something they tell new authors when we’re hoping for publication.) However, for an introvert who craves quiet it can be challenging. I enjoy every minute until I get home and need to get back to writing and the tank is empty. It’s a double-edged sword on which we all balance. I am only explaining this because I’m walking that tight rope as I try to wrap up the first draft of Balefire. After couple of hours of writing, I begin to flag and become easily distracted. Hence, the blog.

It’s more than that. This week has been difficult for many people on many levels and I can’t legitimately complain, except to say that I am profoundly impacted by tragedy, pain, hatred, and negativity.

I am only buoyed up by the resilience, determination, selflessness, and cooperation of my fellow Americans when tragedy struck this week. The people of Boston and the people of West, Texas put everything aside in order to help one another. I’m only sorry that it takes great tragedy to bring us together. In spite of the recalcitrance of a handful, the citizens of our country understand the basic precepts on which it was established. These United States were designed “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” And in times of trouble, like any family, we pull together.

As I prepare to post this, the intense drama surrounding the bombing in Boston is winding down and the citizens of the commonwealth are putting their lives back together. Like other tragedies of the past, like 9/11, Oklahoma City, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook elementary—we add The Boston marathon and the explosion in West Texas. The families of all affected will remain in my thoughts and remind me of my fortune.

2007_0514(010) I believe that spring will come and better days are ahead of us.

Smile with your heart!

14 thoughts on “Burgers, Bombs, Blogs, and Balefire.

      1. Hi, Remember me , Annette from Las Vegas, NM. I have been talking about you to my friends in WOA ( woman out and about) . This is a great group in Albuquerque. Among other things they have a book club and I recommended you. They have many acivities such as the Dykes and Diners every month at a different Diner. We are having a breakfast this Saturday at Le Peeps . If you are interested I will give you the names of the organizers. . Hope you are.
        By the way Baren sent your picture to me when you were in Dallas.

  1. I have Defying Gravity for my Colorado reading! Best wishes on Balefire! We just got home from flying to Houston and have two days to pack for CO. Natalie is at the Lenzik theater early Saturday – don[t know if you wanna come. But dinner that night is still open.   We have turned off the TV. Hence we are not saturated with news of these disasters!!!! What a relief!


  2. Thanks, Jeanne, for sharing your thoughts. I needed to read that blog. By the way, if I ever visit New Mexico I’m going to try one of those green chili cheese burgers. 🙂

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