feelin’ the love

It’s just about two months before the 8th annual Golden Crown Literary Society convention–where it all stared.

Two years ago–with the help of Diane Gaidry, my very supportive Life Coach–I cobbled together some presentation packets for pitches, sent five chapters of my fledgling novel to the mentor program, and packed a bag for Orlando.

The Con felt like a big reunion. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. The names and faces were so familiar but I didn’t know a soul. The pitch sessions with five different publishers scared the poop out of me but proved to be a really valuable experience. And the session with my mentors was well worth the time. They provided me with some great advice and I went home to rewrite my book…again.

Flash forward to the next convention, again in Orlando. This time I *knew* people and was no longer a ConVirgin. I had friends with whom I’d corresponded throughout the year…and I participated this time with a contract from a publisher! Affinity eBooks bought my first book. I felt incredibly proud.

Now the time has rolled around for the next chapter. This year I’ll be attending the annual convention (this time in Minneapolis) as a Published Author of not one, but two books! My first child, “Damaged in Service” published in July 2011 and “Defying Gravity” March 2012.

Oh…but that’s not all. My first book was nominated for a Goldie in the Romantic Intrigue/Suspense category and just (4/8/12) made the short list. squeeeee. This has been such an extraordinary experience for me and I’m incredibly grateful to so many people who have supported me on every step of this path. I’m very blessed to have found another career that I truly love for my third act. And just so you understand how very serious I am…

Here’s a list of of some possible upcoming projects.

7 First drafts complete: Books 3&4 of the Damaged series, Tattoo: Scenes of a Crime, Rekindled (a Sam Stone novella), Peace Accord at Iona (Sam Stone),  Diva, Crossroads (spec fic/YA)

 5 Works in Progress: She Touched Me, Belizean Odyssey, Zeke-The early Days, Children’s Angel, A nurse’s Tale.

Hmm…guess I better quit jawin’ and get back to work! Thanks to everyone of you that has chosen to hop this express train with me. Hugs!

2012 GCLS Conference:

Minneapolis, June 13-17, 2012


16 thoughts on “feelin’ the love

  1. Huge Congratulations!! And Wow!! Your time has come to be recognized as the talented and inspired author you are. I’m so proud to know you!

  2. Congratulations to you on a variety of fronts…..for following a dream that included a lot of hard work, for following through and growing as a person and author and…..most of all, for being so positive about the steps you’ve taken and all that you have to look forward to. As an avid reader of yours, I know I am thrilled to have read your first 2 books and I look forward to reading all your projects to come. Congrats on the nomination, it is well deserved.

    1. Thanks Beth for a lovely comment. Because of you and all the others who’ve taken the time to share these stories, I will keep bringing you books! I appreciate your kind words.

  3. Congratulations not only on the nomination, but for growing so far and quickly as an author and a person.
    Both books have been added to my list to be purchased & nudged up to next in line. 🙂
    Good luck in June!!

  4. Great blog! And most hearty congratulations to you . Sounds like your Third Act is pretty well filled up — Terrific!!! Looking forward to meeting you in MN! Thanks for writing.

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