10 Days and counting

In just about 10 days, the second book in the Damaged series will be released by Affinity. So in preparation, I’d like you to refresh your memory with a blurb from book one,  “Damaged in Service” 

“At what point does PTSD slowly begin to erode judgment, behavior, or confidence? For special agent Zeke Cabot those questions are still lurking beneath her consciousness. A head injury from a car accident, working months undercover, and the death of a close friend has pushed her to the limits of her resilient best.
Zeke escapes to the southwest and the mountains of New Mexico with the hope of mending the tattered pieces. Haunted by death and failure, she holds tight to the belief that fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of rest will bring her back. What she doesn’t anticipate is a freak hiking accident, a brutal attack by a man from the past, and a first chance at love.
Anne Reynolds is a nurse working part time after an ugly divorce. Her chance encounters with a stunning stranger turn her life in a direction she never anticipated, giving her an opportunity to trust again and to pull a damaged woman back from the edge.”

And now…“Defying Gravity scheduled release March 15th 2012, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

” Special Agent, Zeke Cabot, recently “Damaged in Service”, has spent three weeks in New Mexico trying to recover and cope with excruciating bouts of PTSD. Her unexpected attraction to Anne Reynolds, the beautiful divorced nurse who rescued her is restorative and enchanting.

Anne Reynolds is leery and cautiously excited by the captivating stranger and wrestles with her conflicted feelings. Their mutual desire faces sabotage in an attack by nameless thugs surfacing from what Zeke thought was a closed case.

Zeke briefly returns to Chicago in an effort to find answers and close this case from hell, but Anne is never far from her thoughts.

Is she ready to explore a relationship?  Is it safe to trust again? With only four weeks left of her medical leave, Zeke Cabot needs to focus on what she wants and what she is capable of handling. Recurring symptoms and her reluctance to acknowledge them, even to herself, keeps Zeke from functioning with the skill and training of a seasoned federal agent. And the road to romance has more than its fair share of bumps and tough decisions.

Anne is determined, so is Zeke, but is “Defying Gravity” enough?”

Things are all a twitter in New Mexico! For those of you worried that I will now slip into slacker-dom, fear not. Book 3 is on the drawing board, a possible short story of the early Zeke years is percolating, and I’m learning to fuse glass.

Make room on those bookshelves.

8 thoughts on “10 Days and counting

    1. They didn’t turn out well. I’m going back to the studio Saturday to pick up my fused and ‘slumped’ pieces. I will post the results of this experiment in playing-with-sharp-objects, good or gross. Promise.

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