Guest Blogger and more

I can no longer torment you, in good conscience, otherwise I might.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 29th, 2011.  I have the great honor of cross-posting with the fabulous Wicked-Word Wizard…  wait for it….  Sally Bellerose !!   

I know, Right? We will pop the cork tomorrow morning. Sally Bellerose on https://wordsofbarrett.wordpress.comBarrett on

How cool is that? Not exciting enough?  Okay. Then Thursday, December 1st on my publishers site:, They will generously offer the first chapter of  “Defying Gravity” Book two in the Damaged series.

Whoot! ….more?

sigh, okay, one more and then I have to get back to nanowrimo.

I will be submitting a guest review…soon. That’s it, NO Mas. Get back to work, but remember tomorrow morning…

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