Day 5 = 9,034

Sliding into the writing challenge is exhilarating, daunting, and a tad intense. 

Day One flew by, ended with 1,779. Day two started slowly and picked up speed topping out at  2,653. Today was harder (the story got a little more complex) but I managed a respectable 1,732.

Update: Saturday. I couldn’t get it in gear yesterday, but the cushion helped and I’m ahead of the curve now with over 9K. They still haven’t provided the little widgets…oh well. 

Past Wrimo’s have taught me to pace and try to inch ahead gradually so I have a little cushion, in case of unforeseen circumstances. Things like the holiday, day long events and the like, suck the life out of an introvert like me, rendering me “wordless”.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a word count widget soon  so I won’t be posting every lurid detail of this, oft agonizing, ordeal.

So Far, so good! (and I’m really liking this story)

8 thoughts on “Day 5 = 9,034

  1. Hey Jeanne 🙂
    How’s your word count widget working ?
    Didn’t crash your operating system, did it ? Those little things have very freaky effects, sometimes…
    Is your keyboard still hot and ready ? (hem, sorry 🙂 )
    Go Barrett !

  2. My cushion is the 5,000 plus words I had to start with, since this is an orphan book I started and set aside long ago. So I’ll NaNo for the 50,000 and add what was already written, then have something real to send in. Which means I really need to stop reading everyone else’s blogs and get back to writing!

  3. You know, I don’t think I have that kind of amazing focus. Today I played my mando, talked on Skype, cleaned the housed, and played with puppies. Oh, yeah, I think I typed about 87 words.

    Well, they were “money” words, but, still, nothing like what you are working on,

    Kudos for your work, it amazes me . . . and inspires me to do more with my time . . .

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