Eternal Rest, Margaret.

On this date, October 22nd, for forty-four  years I pause to remember one of the greatest gifts in my Life. My Mom.

My brother and I lost one of the greatest examples of love and tolerance there ever was.  Whatever small amount of grace and compassion I possess, came directly from her.

She was a beautiful and talented woman who adored children, was quick to laugh, and loved her son and daughter unconditionally. She died too young and never knew how much my brother and I learned, appreciated, and tried to be like her.

I never knew how much I would regret not being able to tell her what she meant to me. And she never knew that I escaped my “misspent youth” to become a successful, productive member of society; that I would provide care and understanding to thousands in my career–that would make her proud; that I would create new dreams and live into them.

I hope you are proud of your legacy, Mom.

18 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Your mother knows and is proud of everything you are doing, Barrett. She knows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your beautiful mother. I lost my mom last year on October 5th but I know she is very proud of me just as your mom is of you.


  2. Absolutely beautiful, Barrett, your love of your family is strongly felt. I love the picture of you, your brother and your mother……great smiles.

      1. Ah, but that wisdom becomes part of you and guides you throughout your life. Hopefully, we become better people as we age and experience all that life offers us.

  3. I agree with Salem, “beautiful and eloquent.” And I am sure your mother is aware of much more than you know, after all a part of her is still alive in you.

    Thanks for the beautiful post and the reminder of the need to be grateful for the wonderful gifts of people in our lives.

  4. Beautiful and eloquent – I have no doubt that your mother knows more than you could ever imagine.

    I love the picture at the bottom – that is the picture of ‘happy’.

    Thanks for sharing . . .

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