A blog and Yes, More Books!

It’s a glorious, rainy Saturday and I’m finally resurfacing to attend to my blog. I have not forgotten, but have been a little overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Funny thing, writing books for fun and profit is only fun when it’s not for profit. Yes, you can quote that.

Or as a sage friend once remarked the difficulty is being:  “overwhelmed by self-promoting, managing social media, and otherwise negotiating a new authoring highway of growing fan expectation.”  Zacly!

Between the right and left hemispheres of the brain lives a tenuous, porous barrier. Its job, is to keep the wild, crazy, unfettered, creative spirit safe from the grounded, pragmatic number-cruncher.

I also had my very first ever book signing last Sunday.

Marcia Finical –“Last Chance at the Lost and Found”  and I welcomed breakfast goers to the Range Cafe in Bernalillo.  They were very gracious as we politely “whored” our books. It was an enjoyable experience and really made the whole Author thing Real!

All this is not to say that I’m not working. For those of you kind folks who read or are reading my first book, I have good news. My publisher has offered me a contract for the next three in the series.

I am floored, flattered, and suddenly struck with a responsibility of providing an even better book the next time. As you may know, a rough draft of the story has already been written for the second and third, and half of the fourth books.

However, due to the number of changes I made in Damaged in Service, I need to make some pretty drastic changes in the rest of the series.

Note: I. AM. Not. Complaining.  nooooo

I am honored that the story will continue and that my publishers believe in me.

Yesterday, I finished the first revision of book two. I’ll go over it again before sending it off to my critique partner. After we discuss it, and I make more changes, all send it to my beta readers. When I’m satisfied that it’s as good as I can get it, I’ll submit it for the editing process.

Now the good news, if you followed the first time-line for the first publication, the finished product should be ready in just a few months. And this time, fans, no cliffhanger. Promise. <wink>

Back to work, thanks for stopping by!

PS for all of you who have been kind enough to send a note or comment about the book, I’m deeply grateful. Your suggestions were taken to heart. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “A blog and Yes, More Books!

  1. A new comment from Amber Stewart:

    This review is from: Damaged in Service (Paperback)
    I began reading this book in the middle of some crazy drama going on at work. Every day I left work I picked up this book and escaped into a story that had me at the Prologue…From there I wanted to know about Zeke and what troubled her, propelled her, made her who she was….Having visited the southwest made me read more, want more, and eventually desire more..Great character development…..I will leave it at that….I highly recommend this book…I anxiously await the sequel…and the next…and the next in the series…

  2. Congrats on the contract with Affinity for the rest of the series – three more chances to shake your moneymaker (alternate interpretations encouraged) for your adoring fans! A win/win for everyone in the room.

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty excited. Of course, that will mean a lot more work for the Rainbow Reader. I hope. I appreciate the support! …shake my money maker, hmmm

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