Sending Big Love and News

One month ago Affinity EBooks NZ ,Ltd. released my first novel,

Damaged in Service” as an e-book. It was available through their website.

My thanks to all who got the book and were kind enough to let me know.

More good news, effective today my book is also available through Kindle books on as well as Barnes & Noble. Yes, it’s incredibly exciting.

Oh, but that’s not all. For the very patient folks who really wanted the paper and ink version, I’m happy to report that the print version is available through CreateSpace/Amazon and can be ordered through my publisher —Affinity.

You’ll also find a new review available from Terry   ( ) along with a link to purchase.

Terry’s independent reviews will be a regular feature in the monthly Affinity newsletter and will feature independent and self published authors as well as those from other small publishers.

Terry’s reviews are familiar to many for her thorough and objective views.

August will also be a time for my first ever book-signing at The Range Cafe in Bernalillo on Sunday Aug 14th from 9-12.

I will be there with Marcia Finical, author of the award-winning “Last Chance at the Lost and Found” so come on by and say Hi.

Fear not, I am hard at work on book 2 of the Damaged series. So much for retirement.

Till next time, I remain yours, “Barrett the Bookseller”

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