My first review!

From the lovely Henriette “Bookgeek” comes the word I’ve hoped to hear.

“Barrett, Damaged in Service
This is a great book set in New Mexico (swoon) with a lovely balance of action and romance: Zeke, an African-American FBI-agent with PTSD – going on vacation in New Mexico, meeting a lovely nurse and having to fight off the bad guys.
I esp. liked the slow and intense story telling where characters can slowly evolve – something which has become somewhat rare in the print world … it takes more pages, but this is a good thing. Damaged in Service is Barrett’s debut novel and will be continued, hopefully soon. I look forward to the next part.

ebook (DRM-free) 6,99 $ from, book excerpt available

Henriette, Thank you and Danke sehr!

One thought on “My first review!

  1. I agree! I thought it was riveting and provocative. Can’t wait for more about these characters – especially Zeke.

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