Monday Mumbles

I have, indeed, been revising Book 2 of the Damaged Series. Then the weekend got in the way. You know meetings, lunch, in and out of Albuquerque on Saturday. (yes, 140+ miles)
Sat. evening I attended a fabulous Greek-themed wedding reception for a dear friend, whose nuptials were actually performed in Greece two months ago. Great food…OPA
Sunday immense exhaustion. Therein lies the chink in the introvert’s armor. Socialization=debilitating fatigue. ‘s true!

So I recouped with a movie and some reading for most of the day. Alas, the energy has not returned and while I’ve spent some quality plotting time with the endearing Zeke and Anne…those thoughts have not made it to the actual manuscript.
I may need to try another story as a temporary diversion. That way I can use pen and paper.
Oh, I see…you actually quit listening back at ‘immense exhaustion’? Right.
later then.

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