You are awesome!

This has been an enormously gratifying experience! To all of you who’ve checked out the blog announcement or written me words of congratulation and encouragement–I am humbled and grateful.

Each and every word has helped during a huge transition for me. It is an overused expression that Writing is a solitary job. Still it’s true. Sitting alone at a keyboard agonizing over a phrase, a comma, or an entire manuscript can be difficult because no one else can make the decision. No One. In the end, it’s my story, my words, and my decision to share my work with strangers.

And while I certainly won’t live or die by the reaction to my work. There is little doubt that my next effort will be colored by what I learn from this first effort.

I love writing and I love telling stories. I love reading stories. In the crafting of those stories lies the art. That is the piece I am learning and the reason I decided to share my work; the reason I will risk the inevitable criticism.

There is so much I want to learn. It is from readers and writers and editors that I will find the lessons on which I must focus. It’s important to me and why I’m asking for help.

If you are one of the many readers or commentors and if you were kind enough to buy the book, please, share your thoughts with me. Help me raise the bar for my learning.

and  thank you for the encouragement. (If you missed my post about the release of my first novel, scroll on down)

barrett.writes@  or leave a comment here.


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