Sneaky Saturday Snippet

Chapter 6

Zeke smiled feeling almost at ease for the first time in months. She’d been living in a state of adrenalized wariness and every synapse in her nervous system screamed with exhaustion. She squatted against the  trunk of a majestic old oak tree.

Sleep had eluded her the night before. As usual the nightmare  crept into her consciousness. The scene might change, but the effects were the same. It frightened her and left her trembling and hyperventilating. It was taking a toll. She hoped that the hiking might exhaust her enough to sleep through the night and that the change of scenery would clear her mind.


Zeke took another deep breath and closed her eyes. It felt almost euphoric to experience this profound beauty. I could definitely get used to this. “Maybe I’m destined to be a hermit or a recluse and live in a cave writing poetry,” Zeke explained to the nearby trees that absorbed her soft laughter.

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