Gastroenterology 101

This, Boys and Girls, is a flexible  endoscope…

And because nurses cannot resist the urge to teach at any time of the night or day…

And because it has been more than 24 hours since the effects of the Versed have worn off…

And because I am far too dignified to describe any of this procedure.

Let me just say this:

  • Every year in the US, 130,00 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer.
  • The test–colonoscopy– is fast (35 minutes), painless, and easy (Versed makes for a nice short nap).
  • You can even get an autographed color picture of a portion of your 26 foot long GI tract.Very impressive.
  • And yes, a gallon of salty liquid totally sucks.

So why wait? If you over 50 or have a history of colon cancer, get your ass in gear. ( a pun…get it?)

I won’t get to see my funny gastroenterologist again for 5 more years. And yes, I can pronounce that. I’m a professional.

Want more info?

See I can write more than Romance.

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