Still skating a little…

…above the ground.

The more I work on the edits and tinker with the cover — that the brilliant team at Affinity eBooks are allowing me to play with–the more real this dream becomes.

Zeke Cabot and Anne Reynolds have been off my radar for six months and I am enjoying my re-acquaintance with these wonderful characters. This book “Damaged” is the first of a series with more thrills and spills ahead of them.

In the coming days I will be posting brief excerpts meant to tease, taunt, and titillate future readers.

For now I will tinker with covers, scrutinize prose and dream about sunny days in Orlando at the GCLS convention.(This while I gaze at May snow in the desert…) If you haven’t already signed up, do so. It’s a great time with some wonderful people.

Here’s Version 3 of the cover. Decisions, decisions… What’re you’re thoughts?

First attempt
Business card
ver 3

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