Spring Cometh

Mister Bluebird

I have been a negligent blogger (can you even believe how many blogs begin this way?) I think we must all start out thinking this is such great fun and what could be so hard about dashing off a few lines each day? Well, I don’t have the answer but I know that it’s harder than I thought it would be.

There are no earth-shaking excuses (I live in the middle of the prairie and not Haiti or Japan. I say this with deep gratitude and not sarcasm for the thousands who are suffering.) and I have few distractions. There are no signs that I’m clinically depressed and no indication that I might be a social dervish.

I simply haven’t had much to say.

However, since my last entry months ago I have been writing. The 9th work-in-progress, “Diva” ended up at 94K words and is now being  reviewed by a “MS doctor”. In the interim, I’ve started on #10 “Belizean Shores” which begins with two fellow passengers flying through a tropical storm only to encounter more turbulence on the ground…

I also adopted a wayward-writer in transition. We enjoyed a couple of months of enjoyable acculturation and Frat house shenanigans. It was definitely an adjustment to my hermit lifestyle but a good experience was provided and a new friend made. My dogs were extremely delighted to have a new playmate and continue to sleep in the guest room. sigh.

Spring is teasing us and soon it will be time for new projects. Then off to Orlando in June for the  GCLS Convention. I’m looking forward to seeing friends from last year and meeting new faces form on-line.

I won’t promise better blogging …but I’ll try.

Southern Sandia's

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