Autumn in Albuquerque

Good news, the delightful Ms Amy embarrassed me into posting something. Now,  that I have a *reader* I’m compelled provide grist, and to quit being such a slacker. 

To begin, autumn the high desert is not exactly what most folks, at least folks East of the Mississippi, would consider traditional. The weather has been beautiful for the last few weeks giving us very cool nights and warm days –we even had a day of rain.  There are Chile’s roasting out doors at many local stores and the state fair came and went so now it’s time for the Albuquerque Balloon fiesta. 

The balloons seldom venture very far east in order for me to see 

Fall Passage


them. Nevertheless , every year the thousands of people flock to our fair city to participate in a very picturesque event. Being pretty phobic about crowds, I’d try to avoid driving into Albuquerque. 

Next up, the news.  If you remember in our last episode, on August 9 , I hit the send button on my first ever manuscript submission, and taking the advice of several people, I began work on a totally different story.  (More on that, another time ). Well six weeks and three days later I received my reply and my very first rejection. I’m an official writer, now. 

I was shocked,  incredibly disappointed, but not completely unprepared. Numerous helpful souls reminded me of the hundreds of well known authors who paper their walls with rejection slips. Oddly, none of those reminders of helped a bit. 

I allowed  myself an entire morning weeping, gnashing  teeth, and rending  garments.  The afternoon was spent reading a good book, that someone got published, fortunately.  That evening I enjoyed raucous laughter with my writing group. The next day I went back to work on my new story while I decide what to do with the first one. 

A week later, I’ve decided. I will submit again. 

Enjoy the beautiful season and I will try to get back before November. 


2 thoughts on “Autumn in Albuquerque

  1. Appreciate it, Amy. Lot’s of sturm und drang trying to polish the ms for resubmission, oy. Now I’m second guessing like it was an Olympic event. Nose to grindstone…butt in chair.

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